BSO 101 at Tanglewood

BSO 101 at Tanglewood: Listening Up Close, July 12 and August 9
BSO 101-the free music appreciation series with BSO Director of Program Publications Marc Mandel and members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra-offers insight into music being performed at Tanglewood.
This summer, BSO 101 returns to Tanglewood in two free lunchtime sessions, on Wednesday, July 12, and Wednesday, August 9, from 12:45-2pm in the Tent Club. Each session will focus on music to be played by the BSO that weekend, examining and illuminating aspects of musical shape and form, and of the composer's individual musical style. As in past summers, the sessions will include recorded musical examples, and each is self-contained, so that no prior musical training, or attendance at any previous session, is required. Bring or buy a lunch, and arrive ready to hear about great works from the BSO repertoire-and to hear them in new and exciting ways!