One Day University at Tanglewood - SOLD OUT

One Day University
One Day University, the acclaimed lifelong learning series, returns to Tanglewood for its seventh year! Join three of the finest professors from Yale University, George Washington University and Rutgers University each presenting their best lecture in Ozawa Hall.



Understanding America Through Three Remarkable Photographs
Louis Masur, Distinguished Professor of American Studies and History
Rutgers University

From its introduction in 1839, photography has transformed the ways in which we see the world. Photographs capture events and also transform them; they depict reality but tell a story. Professor Masur will examine the historical context and content of three powerful images that have shaped American society and culture: Joe Rosenthal's Flag Raising on Mt. Suribachi (1945); Stanley Forman's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Soiling of Old Glory (1976) and Thomas Franklin's Raising the Flag at Ground Zero (2001).



The Supreme Court: An Inside View
Jeffrey Rosen, Professor of Law, George Washington University
President, National Constitution Center

Beginning in 1802 with the Landmark case with Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court has ruled on groundbreaking cases that have altered the course of American history. Professor Rosen, one of the top experts on Constitutional issues, will take us inside the Supreme Court, exposing little known facts and covering the Court's history, structure, and operation. Professor Rosen will also highlight major cases, where the Court might be headed next, and how the interactions and personalities of the individual justices have created the institution that we know today.



Music and the Brain: Why We Like What We Like
Craig Wright, Professor of Music
Yale University

Why do we listen to music? What does it do for us? Professor Wright will introduce you to the reception, processing, and emotional response to music that we all experience in the brain, each in our own way. We have done this since birth, but is our response to music natural and universal, or is it cultural, a reflection of where we grew up and the kind of music that we heard at home? Professor Wright will also discuss how the music of different genres and composers may be processed differently in the brain, country music one way, rock in another, and classical music in yet another.


Each registration includes:

  • All three professor presentations
  • VIP parking
  • One complimentary lawn admission or a 10% discount on a Shed ticket for the 8/27 Shed concert at 2:30pm*
  • 10% off 8/27 Meals-to-Go