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Anew at Home
Anew at Home

Anew at Home (CD)

Boston Symphony Orchestra


Featuring trombonist Norman Bolter.

Norman Bolter, trombone
Phillip J. Kiamie and John Tanzer, percussion
Sayuri Miyamoto, piano
Judy Saiki, harp

Anew at Home, Music by Norman Bolter

(1)     Dances of Greeting
(2)     Dark Seas
(3)     Lakes
(4)     By the Pond, In the Wind
(5)     The Red Scooter
(6)     At Far, Brought Near
(7)     Approaching the First Gate
(8)     Stand Your Ground
(9)     Questions
(10)   Echoing Enigma
(11)   The Song of King David
(12)   Porch in the Pines
(13)   Timeline Contemplations
(14)   The French Monkey