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Trumpet Concertos
Trumpet Concertos

Trumpet Concertos (CD)

Boston Symphony Orchestra


Featuring trumpeter Charles Schlueter.

Charles Schlueter, trumpet
Kazuyoshi Akiyama, conductor
Kyushu Symphony Orchestra
Kleos Classics

Trumpet Concertos by Neruda, Haydn, Tartini and Hummel

Concerto in E-flat Major (Neruda)
(1) Allegro
(2) Lento
(3) Allegro

Concerto in E-flat Major (Haydn)
(4) Allegro
(5) Andante
(6) Allegro

Concerto in D Major (Tartini)
(7) Allegro
(8) Andante
(9) Allegro grazioso

Concerto in E Major (Hummel)
(10) Allegro con spirito
(11) Andante
(12) Rondo