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Plain Song, Fantastic Dances: Chamber Music By American Composers (Digital)

Boston Symphony Orchestra

$8.99 - $12.99

The Boston Symphony Chamber Players have recently released their new all-American album, Plain Song, Fantastic Dances: Chamber Music By American Composers, featuring works by Lukas Foss, William Bolcom, Michael Gandolfi, and Osvaldo Golijov. The album features world premiere recordings of Michael Gandolfi's Plain Song, Fantastic Dances, Lukas Foss's For Aaron, and William Bolcom's Serenata Notturna, as well as a recording of Osvaldo Golijov's Lullaby and Doina.

Release: 1/19/2011

Duration: 01:01:59

Genre: Classical - Chamber Music

Label: BSO Classics

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Lullaby and Doina


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Foss: For Aaron


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(Album Booklet) Plain Song, Fantastic Dances


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Plain Song/Fantastic Dances


Plain Song I: St. Botolph's Fantasia


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Plain Song II: Tango Blue


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Plain Song II: Quckstep


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Serenata Norttuna


Serenata Norttuna I: Gently


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Serenata Norttuna II: Grazioso


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Serenata Norttuna III: Scherzo


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Serenata Norttuna IV: Andante


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Chamber Music by American Composers. Music of Lukas Foss, Michael Gandolfi, William Bolcom, and Osvaldo Golijov.

Golijov's Lullaby and Doina and Gandolfi's Plain Song, Fantastic Dances were both commissioned specifically for the Boston Symphony Chamber Players. The recordings are available in four digital formats: 320kbps MP3, AIFF High Definition Stereo, WMA High Definition Stereo, and WMA High Definition 5 Channel Surround. In addition to being released digitally, the new recording is available as a Super-Audio Hybrid CD for $16.99.

These four American composers-spanning three generations, and all of whom had or have strong ties to the Boston Symphony Orchestra-represent very different musical styles, but in some ways a common approach: that of being inspired by, and using unapologetically, a wide swath of musical types and experiences. This eclecticism may not be exclusive to American artists, but in music, at least, it has the imprimatur of some of our greatest, from Charles Ives's use of hymns and folk tunes, to Gershwin's hybrid of jazz and classical idioms, to Copland's blend of folk song and modernism. Ives, in particular, thought of his music as "democratic"- and perhaps it's that spirit that here infuses the enthusiastic American embrace of a variety of different popular, folk, and "classical" (from Medieval to Minimalist!) idioms in these four otherwise diverse works for chamber ensemble, two of them-Michael Gandolfi's Plain Song, Fantastic Dances and Osvaldo Golijov's Lullaby and Doina-commissioned specifically for the Boston Symphony Chamber Players.

Also available at the iTunes Store, amazon.com and cdbaby.com.

Released on BSO Classics, the Boston Symphony's own recording label, Plain Song, Fantastic Dances: Chamber Music By American Composers, is available for download as individual tracks, complete multi-movement works, or as a full album at www.bso.org/digital. Works and individual tracks will be priced as follows: Foss's For Aaron (1 movement) will cost $1.87-$2.71; Gandolfi's Plain Song, Fantastic Dances (3 movements) will cost $.89-$1.56 per track and $2.86-$4.14 per work; Bolcom's Serenata Notturna (4 movements) will cost $.89-$1.29 per track and $3.56-5.16 per work; and Golijov's Lullaby and Doina (1 movement) will cost $1.04-$1.50. The new recording is also available for purchase as a Super-Audio Hybrid CD for $16.99 at the Symphony Shop. The recordings will be available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon.com, and CDBaby.