The Archives includes correspondence between music directors, composers, guest artists, trustees, orchestra members, and BSO administrators.

Postcard Honoring the First Four Boston Symphony Orchestra Conductors
Circa 1902

This postcard depicts the first conductors of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Clockwise they are: Arthur Nikisch (1889-1893), Georg Henschel (1881-1884), Wilhelm Gericke(1884-1889; 1898-1906), and Emil Paur (1893-1898).

Stock Certificate for Boston's Symphony Hall
Issued December 21, 1893

Henry Lee Higginson raised $402,000 from "New Boston Music Hall" stock certificates to build the celebrated Symphony Hall.

First Page of Letter from Henry Lee Higginson to Sir Grove
September 20, 1882

Henry Lee Higginson sent Sir George Grove a description of the Boston Symphony Orchestra's founding of the first edition of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

First Page of Manuscript Score of Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms

Igor Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms was commissioned and had its U.S. premiere by the BSO in honor of the 50th anniversary of the orchestra. As a gift for the occasion, Stravinsky presented the signed original manuscript to the orchestra.