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Lesson 1: James Markey

The BSO's 2020 Youth Concert program is a musical reflection on the theme, "Beautiful Sounds of Friendship." Maestro Thomas Wilkins chose the repertoire to illustrate how composers have used their compositions as musical gifts to friends, to add value to the work of another artist, or to share their thoughts on what friendship sounds like.

In the following works, Maestro Wilkins included the Shostakovich for contrast, to demonstrate what conflict, fear, and anger can sound like. Mussorgsky, however, orchestrated "Pictures at an Exhibition" to expand upon the original two-piano composition by his friend Ravel; and Ravel wrote the piece as a tribute to his friend, an artist named Viktor Hartmann. In this case, three artists worked "together" to create a series of masterpieces that live on today.


Lesson Plans (PDF)

Shostakovich - Allegro from Symphony No.10

Mussorgsky - Baba Yaga from Pictures at an Exhibition

Mussorgsky - Gnomus from Pictures at an Exhibition

Mussorgsky - Promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition


Mussorgsky Promenade | Watch on YouTube

Mussorgsky Gnomus | Watch on YouTube

Shostakovich | Watch on YouTube

Mussorgsky Baba Yaga and Kiev | Watch on YouTube


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