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BSOAdvertising Rates
2018-19 season (October 11, 2018, through May 4, 2019) Full-season rates include 2018-19 BSO subscription concerts and Holiday Pops performances in December 2018.

Download BSO 2018-19 Advertising Rates/Space Sizes (PDF)

Rates Effective May 1, 2018

Full Page
Full Season: $17, 750
Guaranteed Positioning: 15% premium
Half Season (13 Weeks): $10,500

1/2 Page
Full Season: $11,000
Half Season (13 Weeks): $7,350

Full Season
Full Page: $13,240
2/3 Page: $9,500
1/2 Page: $8,400
1/3 Page: $6,630

Half season (13 Weeks)
Full Page: $8,925
2/3 Page: $6,730
1/2 Page: $5,650
1/3 Page: $4,500

Full Page:$1,700
2/3 Page:$1,400
1/2 Page: $1,300
1/3 Page: $1,050

Space Sizes

Width: 6.5" (trimmed) / 6.75" (bleed) / 6" (live area)
Height: 9.5" (trimmed) / 9.75" (bleed) / 9" (live area)

Width: 5.875" Height: 8.75"

2/3 Page
Width: 4.875" Height: 5"

1/2 Page
Width: 4.875" Height: 3.75"

1/3 Horizontal
Width: 4.875" Height: 2.5"

1/3 Vertical
Width: 2.375" Height: 5"

Specifications for a color spread are available upon request.
Ads not meeting specific size requirements will be reduced or enlarged as necessary or will have a border added or changed at the discretion of the publisher. Extensive work done to any ad in making it conform to the sizes listed will be billed back to the advertiser at cost.

Deadline for material:
August 27, 2018, or three weeks prior to first insertion

Space reservations: one month prior to first insertion 

Program books are printed weekly during the subscription season.

All of the Holiday Pops concerts are in one program book.

15% agency commission to recognized agencies.

No cash discount.

2018-2019 Boston Symphony and Holiday Pops seasons: 280,000



Production Information

Files preferred as high-quality prepress printing PDFs. If supplying raw files, images must be CMYK or grayscale at 300dpi, and all fonts and logos included.

Please supply approved color proof. Convert all color to CMYK, no RGB accepted.


Please supply approved paper proof. Convert all color in logos, type, artwork, etc., to grayscale.

Send insertion orders and ads on discs to

Eric Lange
Lange Media Sales
1344 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02451

Send ads electronically to

Eleanor McGourty
BSO Publications Office

Neither the Boston Symphony Orchestra nor its vendors will be responsible for errors in work done by us on ads that are not in camera-ready condition when submitted for publication.

Pre-publication proofs of ad copy cannot be provided. It is the responsibility of the advertiser and/or the agency to proofread all copy submitted for publication.

Acceptance of any advertisement is contingent upon its compatibility with the format and editorial content of the Boston Symphony Orchestra's programs. The Boston Symphony Orchestra reserves the right to reject any advertisement that is deemed inappropriate in content or appearance.

Unauthorized use of trademarks or corporate names belonging to, or used by, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Inc., is prohibited. The Boston Symphony Orchestra will reject any advertisement that uses our names or trademarks without authorization.

No inserts accepted

Printing by offset