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Hello BSAV Members,
We hope this finds everyone well and ready for the summer wherever that might take you!

There has been a lot going on at the BSO and the BSAV these past few months. Just in case you missed it, recently there was a study released showing the economic impact of Tanglewood in the Berkshires - estimated at around $103 million!

There was also a wonderful article about Ray and Maria Stata Music Director Andris Nelsons and his relationship with the orchestra, in the Boston Globe. Please enjoy that here.

Save the date!

Tanglewood Family Fun Fest: Friday, July 21 from 1-5pm.

Tanglewood BSAV Recognition Event: Wednesday, August 16 from 2-4pm.

We will send an invite nearer to the date.

BSAV Tanglewood Office Hours - Friday, June 23-Sunday, August 27

Mondays/Tuesdays - closed

Wednesdays/Thursdays - noon-5pm

Fridays- noon-7pm

Saturdays - 9am-2:30pm

Sundays - noon-2:30pm

All Volunteers

The BSAV Named Concert at Tanglewood  will be Sunday, July 23. Tickets are available by calling 413-637-5393 or emailing This is also the date of our annual bus trip to Tanglewood for our Boston volunteers. Please see information about the bus trip here (PDF).

We also wanted to give a huge thank you to all of our volunteer photographers - Fred Baron, Shel Goldberg, Julia Kaplan, Natalie Manzino, and Rita Paul, on both the Tanglewood and Boston campuses. They have made this newsletter come to life with wonderful photos, and helped us celebrate all of the wonderful projects and accomplishments throughout the season at our Recognition Events by having a plethora of photos to showcase our volunteer activities. (and another thank you to Lynn Harding for her beautiful Tanglewood photos in this issue!). On a side note, this is our 10th anniversary of Quarter Notes being online, which has made it even more easy to include these wonderful photos.

In other news, the BSO Board of Trustees has established engaging "next generation" leaders (those under age 55) in the mission, programs, and governance of the organization as a key strategic priority. This opportunity is essential to the overall health and vitality of the BSO as a world-class institution; including ensuring the future strength of BSO governance, strengthening the profile of the BSO in the cultural landscape of Boston, and building future generations of leaders and supporters who will advance the institution forward.

To that end, the Board of Trustees Chair has established a new Ad Hoc Committee on Engagement (ACE) charged with designing and overseeing the engagement strategy and being accountable to the Trustees for results. The composition of this committee includes Trustees, Overseers, and BSO Players. The Committee's charge is to identify cohorts and networks in the BSO's communities from which the Orchestra should be drawing future leaders; to design and implement engagement strategies toward potential board and leadership roles while mobilizing existing Trustees and Overseers for relationship-building and mentorship of emerging leaders. The strength of commitment to this work by the Board and Management is reflected in the newly created position of Assistant Director of Board Engagement, which will be filled by an individual responsible for managing all aspects of this new strategic direction.

We are happy to announce that Laura Sancken will be returning to the BSO to fill this role of Assistant Director of Board Engagement. Laura started at the BSO as a guide but then spent 3.5 years working with our BSAV volunteers, which included more than 20 projects spread between Boston and Tanglewood. Most recently, Laura has been serving as the Director of Alumni and Parent Relations at The Curtis Institute of Music. Her work included the restructuring and rebuilding of a comprehensive volunteer-driven alumni program to address the needs of 2,800 alumni globally. In addition, Laura worked with the board and alumni to create pilot programs focused on alumni entrepreneurship, mentoring and diversity.

Laura will officially begin on August 1, but you will see her before then on the Tanglewood Grounds during T&O Weekend. Please join me in welcoming Laura back to the BSO in this exciting position.

Last, but certainly not least, there's been big news in the BSAV office over the past few months... Nina is no longer Nina Jung...but Nina Gasparrini! In a beautiful ceremony and reception on Saturday, March 25th, Nina married her wonderful other half, Pete Gasparrini. We here at the BSO are very happy and excited for them both.



In Memoriam
Richard Billiter (Tanglewood)
Charlotte Fellman (Boston)
Ada Harcourt Hastings (Tanglewood)
Arthur M. Henle (Tanglewood)William G. Holmes (Tanglewood)
Ivan Kates (Tanglewood)
Jack Nodiff (Tanglewood)
Mildred Zimmerman (Tanglewood)
Andy Levine (Tanglewood)

** The Office of Volunteer Services tries hard to recognize the passing of our valued volunteers. Please contact us with news about deaths so we may update this list as necessary.


Many thanks,

The BSAV Office

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