Applications for the 2019 composition program are now closed.

Application Instructions

Applicants to the TMC composition program should be at least 18 years old. All applicants to the Tanglewood Music Center must submit an application, including a $75 application fee, via


As part of completing the online application, composition applicants will be required to submit:

  • Current resume including information on performance ability, training, and accomplishments on any instruments
  • Letter of recommendation
  • List of works composed over the last five years
  • Recordings of at least three works, one of which must have been written in the past year; these works must span at least three years in the composer's development. 
  • Scores for each recorded work submitted
  • One or two additional scores of works composed in the last three years

Recording & Scores Requirements and Instructions

Submitted compositions may be for any performing forces,except that at least one of the submitted scores MUST be the one the applicant would designate for performance at the TMC. This piece must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Composed for a small chamber ensemble (up to six players)
  • No longer than 15 minutes in length
  • Clearly marked as the score the applicant would choose for performance at the TMC

Important Tips for Applicants

Make sure that you provide a score for every recording submitted. Before submitting your audio files, you should listen to them all the way through to ensure that they work in their entirety and that the sound quality is acceptable. All applause, verbal introductions, and tuning should be edited from the sample. In short, applicants should strive to present as professional a recording as possible.