Live Audition: Jan. 21, 2019
Video Audition: Feb. 15, 2019 

In most cases live auditions are conducted by a single member of the audition committee and/or TMC staff, and video recorded for review by the full audition committee in Boston. Most auditions are 10 minutes long.  Live auditions are self-scheduled by the applicant at  Applicants will be directed to do so once an application is submitted. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible to secure the best possible audition time for themselves.

Houston: Jan. 31
Boston: Feb. 2 & 3
Los Angeles: Feb. 6
Miami: Feb. 8
New York City: Feb. 10 & 11
Philadelphia: Feb. 12
Cleveland: Feb. 15
Chicago: Feb. 16
Bloomington: Feb. 17

Those applicants who are unable to audition live must submit a video recording via the online application.

  • Video recordings must contain all audition repertoire in the order listed, played in a CONTINUOUS UNEDITED SEGMENT; any indication that there has been editing or that recording equipment was paused/stopped between excerpts will result in the disqualification of the applicant
  • All pieces should be played unaccompanied, unless otherwise noted in the audition requirements.
  • We strongly recommend you view to your recording all the way through before submitting.



  • a Romantic or 20th Century concerto of your choice, mvt. I exposition
  • a Mozart or Haydn concerto of your choice, mvt. I exposition
  • excerpts (all first violin unless otherwise indicated):

BEETHOVEN String Quartet in E-Flat Major, Op. 127, mvt. II (Adagio ma non troppo e molto cantabile): mm 2-14
BRAHMS Symphony No. 4, mvt. II: mm 88 to 1st beat of mm 103 (including pizz.)
MENDELSSOHN String Quartet in D Major, Op. 44, No. 1, mvt. IV (Presto con brio): mm 80-107
STRAUSS Don Juan, beginning to mm 62 (the first page)


  • a mvt. from a concerto
  • a mvt. of BACH
  • excerpts:

BEETHOVEN String Trio in G Major, Op. 9, No. 1, mvt. IV (Presto): mm 1-54
MOZART String Quintet in C Major, K. 515, mvt. II (Andante): mm 100-119
STRAUSS Don Juan: mm 1-8; pickup to 2 mm before rhl A to rhl B
TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony No. 6, “Pathetique,” mvt. I (Allegro non troppo): mm 19-62


  • a concerto mvt. of your choice, exposition only
  • a mvt. of an unaccompanied composition, either BACH or modern.
  • excerpts:

BARTÓK String Quartet No. 6, mvt. II: beginning to mm 15; mm 80-98
BARTÓK Concerto for Orchestra, mvt. V: mm 292 to 317
MOZART String Quartet in B-Flat Major, K. 589, mvt. II (Larghetto): mm 32-48
STRAUSS Ein Heldenleben: beginning to 4 mm after rhl 2

Double Bass

  • a mvt. from a concerto or comparable solo
  • a mvt. of BACH
  • excerpts

CARTER Boston Concerto: mm 142-157
GINESTERA Variaciones concertantes: double bass solo
SCHUBERT Symphony No. 9, Scherzo: beginning to mm 56; mm 105-151