Instrumental Piano


February 2, 2019

NOTE: Although pianists applying to the Tanglewood Music Center specify a concentration in either VOCAL or INSTRUMENTAL piano, all instrumental pianists will have the opportunity to work with singers.

For applicants who wish to participate more equally in both programs, see video audition requirements below.

In the auditions for pianists who apply in the instrumental concentration, the faculty will be looking for exceptional pianistic ability, evidence of serious interest in playing collaboratively (indicated by the submitted repertoire list), potential to participate in and perform many types of projects in all genres, most of them collaborative, including solo works, chamber and vocal music, new music, and participation in orchestra on a variety of keyboards.

All piano applicants applying in the instrumental concentration MUST submit a VIDEO audition, to be uploaded with the online application, totaling approximately 40 minutes of music.


  1. One movement of a major work from the standard repertoire: Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Mozart, Schumann, for example
  2. A work demonstrating technical ability, such as a Chopin Etude
  3. A contemporary solo piece
  4. A work from an instrumental chamber music performance recorded live within the past year
  5. OPTIONAL: A work with voice and piano, such as an art song or an aria, or a work for voice and piano with other instruments.  NOTE: if the applicant wishes to be considered for more equal participation in the VOCAL piano program, this is REQUIRED.

(to be uploaded with the online application):

  1. Current resume
  2. Letter of recommendation from a professional musician other than one's current teacher (can be emailed directly to
  3. A fully detailed and complete repertoire list (NOT a generalized or representative one), including repertoire with voice(s), repertoire with instrument(s), as well as solo repertoire and concertos, (indicating with an asterisk those works performed in public).