Master-Classes, Sectionals and Mock Auditions

[TMC Master-Class]TMC Fellows have weekly classes with BSO members, resident faculty, and visiting artists.
Classes focus on solo repertoire or excerpts, specific technical or artistic issues, or consist of reading sessions of standard orchestral repertoire. In some cases, Fellows may be assigned to play in specific classes in advance.

MOCK AUDITIONS are often held, offering Fellows the chance to experience the pressure of auditioning for panelists from a major symphony orchestra, and to receive immediate, direct feedback.

A large number of TMC Fellows go on to win positions with professional symphony orchestras in the year following their attendance at the TMC. ( Check out the TMC alumni in the BSO!)

Additionally, the TMC holds auditions that offer VIOLIN, VIOLA, AND CELLO Fellows the possibility of PLAYING WITH THE BSO during the Tanglewood season. This audition is conducted exactly in the manner of a BSO audition, with candidates identities not known to the audition committee. TMC Fellows who win the audition are assigned to play one piece with the BSO in the Shed during the summer.

Through the VIOLIN MENTORSHIP PROGRAM, Violin Fellows are split into small groups and assigned a BSO member as a mentor. Throughout the summer, mentors work with Fellows on orchestral repertoire, issues of orchestral playing, and professional issues.

All DOUBLE BASS FELLOWS have the opportunity to PLAY-IN WITH THE BSO over the course of the summer.