How Does My District Become a Participating DARTS Community?

The darts program integrates students from different urban, suburban and rural communities across the state of massachusetts with the intent of using the arts as a catalyst for social change.
There are approximately 30 towns that are participating communities in DARTS, but the program must limit the number of communities that can participate at any one time.  
With only 400 student slots available, we are unable to make every district a participating community in DARTS.  The program is structured in a way that a new district cannot be introduced into the program without having one of the current, demographically-similar participating communities rotate out.  The participating communities are divided into weeks so that each DARTS week has 50 students attending from a combination of urban, suburban and rural communities.  DARTS communities are assigned to weeks in a manner that promotes diversity among the weekly attendance and each community is assigned a specific number of slots to fill based on available space and program need.

We are always excited to hear from new communities who wish to participate in the Days in the Arts program.  Please complete the form below to submit your district's interest in becoming a participating community.  The following are a few provisions to keep in mind with the identification of a new participating community:

  • The contact provided must be a staff member within the public school district with authority to coordinate student participation in the program.  The school contact is responsible for completing this interest form.
  • This form is a request - your submission will be taken into consideration by our staff and the structure and needs of the program, but it does not obligate the Boston Symphony Orchestra to add your community as a participating community in future summers of Days in the Arts.
  • Because the program is unable to serve every district, the Alternate application process was created as an avenue for any Massachusetts resident to apply from non-participating communities, while keeping the diverse program structure in place.  Please share the DARTS Alternate application with any students in your district who may be interested in attending the Days in the Arts program.