Tanglewood Relay Run

Tanglewood Relay Run
Runners on teams take turns running the relay over the 24-hour period. Teams are made up of minimum of 10 runners and a maximum of 14 runners, of which each runner runs up to 3 legs each of the relay. 

The 2018 Tanglewood Relay Run took Place June 29-30 

Please check back for 2019 information!

The purpose of the relay is two fold, to announce the beginning of the Tanglewood season, as well as to raise money to support education and youth activities held- and organized-by the BSO. Help support the Tanglewood Relay Run by making a contribution on behalf of one of the runners or one of the teams participating in this fundraiser.

The relay is the brainchild of BSO musicians Todd Seeber (bass) and James Cooke (violin) who are both active runners and wanted to show people how close Tanglewood is to Boston. "If we can run to Tanglewood in 24 hours, then anybody can drive 2 hours to enjoy a concert," Todd Seeber says.