Berkshire Summer Rentals Needed

Welcome Landlords!
Boston Symphony Orchestra musicians and staff are seeking furnished accommodations for the upcoming Tanglewood season.

  • Berkshire property owners who are interested in renting their housing during this period should submit the Tanglewood Housing Form available for download below.
  • A digital rental book is kept online, and if a staff or orchestra member is interested in a listing, they will contact and make arrangements directly with the owner/landlord.


Form Instructions:

Download the 2021 Tanglewood Housing Form (PDF) 

Complete the form available for download above, save and email it as an attachment, or print and mail/fax **Email is strongly encouraged**. Photos can also be emailed as attachments or sent via regular mail with the form.

Return the form to:
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Attn: Orchestra Personnel Office
301 Massachusetts Ave. Boston, MA 02115

FAX: 617-638-9325
TELEPHONE: 617-638-9326



Season Dates:
The basic Tanglewood season is July through August, although some staff may need to arrive in June and/or stay through Labor Day.



Typical Full-Season Price Ranges:
Please note that these are not monthly rates, but for a total rental period of approximately 60 days. Pricing factors to consider include location, size, condition, utilities/amenities, privacy, etc.

  • Studio Apartment $500-$2,500
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment $1,000-$3,500
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment $2,000-$4,500
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment $3,000-$5,500
  • Private Home $4,000-$6,500



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What is an appropriate rental price?
    Please see the typical price ranges listed above. It is important to note that while Boston Symphony Orchestra members and staff receive a summer per diem, this money is also intended to cover other expenses for the entire season, including transportation (rental cars for some). Summer rental fees should not be unreasonable or overly inflated from rental prices for the area during the rest of the year. Pricing factors to consider include location, size, condition, utilities/amenities, privacy, etc.
  • Are rentals needed for time periods less than the basic two-month season?
    The full-time musicians and staff at Tanglewood typically need a rental for July and August. However, there are some musicians and staff who work at Tanglewood for shorter periods, sometimes a week at a time. Property owners are welcome to submit listings for rental periods of any length, including time-share properties.
  • Does the property need to be furnished?
    As the typical rental period is only two months, BSO musicians and staff are usually looking for fully furnished rentals, complete with linens, towels, and kitchenware.
  • Does the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) rent properties for its musicians and staff?
    BSO musicians and staff are responsible for finding and renting their own accommodations. The Orchestra Personnel Office collects information from the property owners, but the actual negotiations and arrangements are made directly between the owner/landlord and the BSO musician/staff member.
  • Does a BSO representative come to look at Berkshire properties?
    As BSO musicians and staff members are responsible for finding their own accommodations, these members will look at prospective properties on their own. Occasionally, a staff member may look at properties on behalf of a small handful of Tanglewood Music Center faculty who reside outside of Massachusetts. 
  • Does the BSO provide a rental contract?
    As the arrangements are made directly between the owner/landlord and the BSO musician/staff member, the owner/landlord should provide and prepare the contract. A written agreement, specifying the rental terms, is recommended. Sample contracts can be obtained online or from a realtor.
  • Does the BSO share the housing information with its donors or other general patrons/ticket buyers?
    The BSO currently only provides housing information for its musicians and staff.
  • Would BSO musicians/staff be interested in renting just a room in a house, sharing the rest of the home with its owners?
    There is a wide range of people-singles, couples, families-looking for housing. Most prefer some sort of private accommodations, but property owners are welcome to submit listings for any type of rental.
  • When do musicians and staff look for housing?
    BSO musicians and staff typically begin looking in the early spring each year. Most will want to come and see the property before making a commitment. There are always some people looking for last-minute housing, so property owners are encouraged to submit listings up through the beginning of the Tanglewood season.
  • Is there a number or email for answers to other questions?
    For additional information, please call the BSO housing info line at 617-638-9326, or email