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TLI Concert: Bartok, Balch, Britten, and Balliett

A string quartet and a coach reahearsing in a studio with floor to ceiling windows revealing a beautiful summer day.


Linde Center for Music and Learning, Lenox, MA


Katie BALCH Kalesa Ed Kaluca, for bass septet

BRITTEN Canticle V: The Death of St. Narcissus, Op. 89, for tenor and harp

Douglas BALLIETT Beast Fights

Benjamin Levy, Lawrence Wolfe, Dennis Roy, John Stovall, Todd Seeber, Carl Anderson, Charles Clements, double basses
Charles Overton, harp
Eric Carey, tenor
Earl Lee, conductor

Available On Demand on BSO NOW April 28 - May 28

Large tree on the Tanglewood grounds near the Music Shed.