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Gourmet Caterers
The Boston Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce Gourmet Caterers as the exclusive food service company for the BSO's two performance venues, Symphony Hall and Tanglewood.

This new relationship will allow the BSO to expand the number of events and the scope of food service activities at its venues in both Boston and the Berkshires, where hundreds of functions, from galas to business meetings to weddings, take place each year.

The management team of Gourmet Caterers is quite familiar with Symphony Hall. They have been presenting catered events there for decades. "I have been involved, in one form or another, with the BSO since 1973," said Bob Wiggins, President and Owner of Gourmet Caterers. "We were pleased to see that the BSO had decided to pair the Hall business with the Tanglewood business and appoint an exclusive provider. We felt that was a smart move. Our team is eager to get in there and start building the business."


About Gourmet Caterers
Gourmet Caterers, founded in 1973 by Buddy Wiggins, Bob Wiggins and Joe DiCicco, is one of New England's largest and most respected privately owned and operated caterers. The company has a long-standing history with the BSO. Historically, the preferred caterer of Symphony Hall patrons, Gourmet has catered many high-profile fundraising and corporate events at Symphony Hall.



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Stephen Ponchak
Director of Catering
Boston Gourmet
301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
phone: 617.638.9242