Rent the Hall

Symphony Hall Interior

Symphony Hall Interior

Symphony Hall Interior

Symphony Hall Interior

Symphony Hall Interior

Symphony Hall Interior

Symphony Hall Interior

Symphony Hall Interior

Symphony Hall Interior

Rent Symphony Hall
All fees are subject to change without notice. 
Expenses are determined by production requirements - please use this for budget purposes only.  For information and bookings, please contact Events Services at (617) 638-9240.

Download the Schedule of Charges (PDF)

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Hall Rental
(Required Fees)

Monday through Thursday: $5,400

Friday through Sunday: $5,700

Holidays (state & federal): $6,800

Services include:

  • 2.5 hour performance
  • 5 hour public occupancy
  • Stage Manager & additional BSO stage
  • Heating/Air Conditioning
  • Concert lighting (orchestral white)
  • Electrician & HVAC technician

Front of House Personnel
(Required Fees)

Front of House personnel for (1) concert: $4,800

Services include:

  • Front of House Manager
  • Additional FOH supervisors, staff, coat check, door, matron & access coordinators
  • Private security

Boston Police
(Required Fees)

Boston Police security detail: $1,400

(Required Fees)

Orchestra/Band Rehearsal (3 hour max. without prior approval): $1,800
Soloist & Accompanist Rehearsal (3 hour max. without prior approval): $1,000
Rehearsal within (2) hours of stated performance (subject to availability): $N/C

NOTE: Rehearsal requests beyond (3) hours are subject to availability. Cost is pro-rated request to the nearest½ hour.

Entertainment License: $150
(Required Fees)

Box Office
(Required Fees)

Box Office Services: $1,400

Services include:

  • programming & sales set up
  • (12) weeks [max] of sales via
  • staffing on night of performance
  • weekly sales reporting

Ticket printing: $300

Consignment (excess of 1,000): $1,000

Stage Seats (when possible, per seat): $15

(Additional Fees)

BSO Audio Engineer (A1): $600

NOTE: Charge is for a (10) hour "day rate" OT is 1.5 times per hour after (10) hours. Rate may be impacted by Hall's performance schedule.

House PA System $2000

  • Services include:
    • House P.A. (d&b Q1 left/right array)
    • (3) block center subs (flown)
    • BSO equipment (mics, mic cables, etc)

Monitor System $350

NOTE: May require an additional sound tech (A2). Additional labor not included.

(Additional Fees)

Color wash $1,200

  • Services include:
    • (3) primary color washes
    • minimal programming
    • operator for performance

Solo wash $750

  • Services include:
    • white or colored lighting
    • fixed position (no programming)

Spotlight $200

  • NOTE:Please note that ALL spotlights require IATSE Local #11 personnel. Labor not included.

BSO Video Engineer/Projectionist: $600

Projector (Barco - 14,000 lumen HD w/ lens): $2,500

NOTE: Price may vary based on additional Licensee requirements - includes BSO screen [20' x 15' - U.S. Center].

Instrumental / Stage Construction
(Additional Fees)

Steinway Piano (includes [1] tuning): $500

Organ Console (includes [1] tuning): $2,800

Choral Risers ([1] - [4] levels): $1,600

Platform Decks (4' x 8' sections w/ adjustable legs): $75

Stage Extension (all sizes): $3,000

NOTE: Fee may be waived, in writing, by BSO dependant on Hall performance schedule.

(Additional Fees)

No Intermission: $300

Additional Load - In (single use fee): $500

NOTE: This will apply to those who request access 4 hours or more prior to the stated Duration of Engagement.

Parking Permits (price varies by request): $200

Program Inserts: $150

Stage Seating: $15

Merchandise Commission

  • Books, CD's & DVD's: 10%
  • All other types: 30%

NOTE: BSO does not provide sellers. Licensee will provide back up of all sale transactions to BSO.  MA state tax is 6.25% - promoter responsible for reporting tax.

Function / Special Event / Rehearsal Space
(Additional Fees)

Additional space is leased on a 3 hour event period. Additional time can be arranged pending availability. Prices will be prorated on a per hour basis.

Higginson Hall (North & South): $3,900

Higginson Hall South: $2,300

Higginson Hall North: $2,100

Nathan R. Miller Room: $1,200

Cabot-Cahners Room: $2,750

O'Block / Kay Room (not available pre-concert): $2,500

Chorus Room: $500

(Additional Fees)

Overtime begins two and one half (2.5) hours after the stated Duration of Performance.

01 to 15 minutes: $750
16 to 30 minutes: $1,500
31 to 45 minutes: $2,250
46 to 60 minutes: $3,000

Audio / Video Recording & Broadcast
(Additional Fees)

Separate contract(s) govern the broadcast/reproduction/distribution of all material recording in Symphony Hall. Symphony Hall will coordinate the vendors, engineers, etc for all recordings at Symphony through preferred vendors. Please coordinate any.

Prices listed below do not include the cost of engineers, recording equipment or materials or other directly associated costs.

Archival Audio: $750
Non-Commercial Audio: $1,150
Commercial Audio: $2,100

Archival Video: $1,150
Non-Commercial Video: $2,300
Commercial Video: $3,500

Non-profit Discount

A current tax exemption letter from the Internal Revenue Service (state or federal) must submitted to be considered for non-profit discount(s).

(09) performances or less per SEASON $(400)
(10) performances or more per SEASON $(600)