The Days in the Arts (DARTS)

The Days in the Arts (DARTS) program is a summer residential program near Tanglewood that provides middle school students with a high-quality arts immersion experience, allowing each student to engage with and create art with their peers in a positive, non-judgmental environment.

DARTS Online

DARTS Online

For 50 years, students from around Massachusetts have gathered in the Berkshires to participate in DARTS, a week-long residential program in which they immerse themselves in art, theater, and music. This summer, you can experience DARTS in your home through DARTS Online.

The Days in the Arts team is thrilled to bring you DARTS Online. You can watch these videos over the course of a week or spread them out over the summer. Either way, we hope our partners and teachers inspire you to create art, make music, and enjoy a variety of art forms as part of your everyday life.

DARTS Online Video Content