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Genshin Concert

Symphony Hall

Symphony Hall, Boston, MA

AWR Music Productions is proud to partner with Sony Music Solutions and MiHoYo to present a dynamic multimedia production: Genshin Concert, featuring the music of Yu-Peng Chen performed by a symphony orchestra under the direction of conductor Eric Roth.

A Traveler from afar steps into the fantasy world of Teyvat and sets off on an endless journey…

Accompanied by soothing melodies, the Traveler must venture alongside the "wind" of freedom in Mondstadt, discover the origin of "contracts" in Liyue, redress the concept of "eternity" amidst a sea of red maple and thunderstorms in Inazuma, witness the rebirth of "wisdom" where the rainforest and desert meet in Sumeru, and explore an all-new world in the nation that reveres "justice.”

Melodies of an endless journey will resound across the world at the Genshin Concert tour, in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of Genshin Impact. Travelers will have the chance to attend in person and – through the creative interpretations of globally renowned musicians – revisit wonderful moments from their journeys through Teyvat from with a brand-new perspective.

This concert is licensed by miHoYo, organized by Sony Music Solutions Inc., and produced by AWR Music Productions, LLC. ©2023 miHoYo. All Rights Reserved.

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Genshin Concert 2023

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A view of the empty Symphony Hall, with the stage in the distance

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