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Venue Rentals

Rent Symphony Hall

Wide shot of Symphony Hall auditorium, washed in purples and pinks, with no people inside.

All fees are subject to change without notice.
Expenses are determined by production requirements - please use this for budget purposes only. For information and bookings, please contact Events Services at

Hall Rental

(Required Fees)

Monday through Thursday: $5,400

Friday through Sunday: $5,700

Holidays (state & federal): $6,800

Services include:

    • Five (5) hours of time on premises incl. the two and a half (2.5) hour Duration of Performance & (2.5) hours preceding said performance
    • BSO stage personnel – does not incl. outside vendors
    • Environmental controls as determined by BSO
    • Standard concert lighting (white)
    • Electrician & HVAC technician if required
    • One (1) rehearsal within two and half (2.5) hours of Performance. (Subject to Availability)

Front of House Personnel

Required Fees)

Front of House personnel for (1) concert: $4,800

Services include:

  • Front of House Manager
  • Additional FOH supervisors, staff, coat check, door, matron & access coordinators as determined by BSO
  • Private security for all front/back of house locations


(Required Fees)

Orchestra/Band Rehearsal [Three (3) hours – additional time pro-rated]: $1,800
Solo Piano / Soloist Rehearsal [Three (3) hours – additional time pro-rated]: $1,000

NOTE: Requests for sound checks that require an artist or artists to be on stage in excess of thirty (30) minutes will be considered rehearsals in the sole judgment of BSO.

Box Office

(Required Fees)

Box Office Services: $1,400

Services include:

  • ticket sales via Box Office, phone & web
  • staffing on night of performance
  • weekly sales reporting

Ticket printing: $300

Consignment (excess of 500 tickets): $1,000

Stage Seats (when possible, per seat): $15

Boston Police

(Required Fees)
Boston Police security detail: $1,400

Entertainment License: $150

(Required Fees)


House PA (D&B Q1)$3000

  • Services include:
    • House P.A. system incl. Digico SD10 board
    • up to two (2) hours of advance work prior to the show date
    • A1: ten (10) hours

Stage Announcement

  • Services include:
    • brief microphone usage from stage: $500

NOTE: Additional fees apply for our monitor system, rental equipment, OT, etc. All rental equipment requested by the client will be arranged for by BSO and will be charged to LICENSEE at the prevailing rate.


Lighting Designer: $500


  • Services include:
    • one (1) spotlight operator: $400

NOTE: BSO has (1) spotlight – additional spotlights, if required, will be rented on behalf of LICENSEE. All spotlights require IATSE Local #11operators.

Projection Package

20K Projector, 18K Projector, Seasonal Projection Screen, Projectionist: $5,000

NOTE: Cost of Projectionist is based on ten (10) hour day-rate. Extra charges will apply if additional Projectionist or Services are needed.

Instrumentation / Stage Construction

Steinway Piano (includes one [1] tuning by BSO technician): $500

Organ & Console (includes one [1] tuning by BSO vendor): $2,800

Choral Risers: $1,600

Platform Decks (per platform): $75

Stage Extension (all lengths): $3,000

NOTE: Fee may be waived, in writing, by BSO dependant on Hall performance schedule.


No Intermission: $500

Balloon Drop: $750

Additional Load - In (per hour): $750

NOTE: This will apply to those who request access 4 hours or more prior to the stated Duration of Engagement.

Parking Permits (cost is dependent on fees from the City)): Price Based On Needs

Program Inserts: $150

Excess electrical (*): $150

NOTE: Fee levied for any additional power tie is for sound, lights, busses, catering equipment, etc beyond the normal limits of Symphony Hall.

Merchandise Commission

  • Books, CD's & DVD's: 10%
  • All other types: 30%

NOTE: Commission is based on the gross sales after tax of each type of item. MA state sales tax is 6.25%.

Function / Special Event

Additional space is leased for a three (3) hour event basis. Additional time can be arranged pending availability.

Higginson Hall (North & South): $3,900

Higginson Hall South: $2,300

Higginson Hall North: $2,100

Nathan R. Miller Room: $1,200

Cabot-Cahners Room: $2,750

O'Block / Kay Room (not available pre-concert): $2,500


Overtime begins two and one half (2.5) hours after the stated Duration of Performance. Overtime begins immediately after.

00 to 15 minutes: $750
16 to 30 minutes: $1,500
31 to 45 minutes: $2,250
46 to 60 minutes: $3,000
61 to 75 minutes: $3,750

Audio / Video Recording & Broadcast

Separate contract(s) govern the broadcast/reproduction/distribution of all material recording in Symphony Hall.

BSO will contract for and arrange all recording equipment & services on behalf of LICENSEE.

Prices listed below include the cost of audio studio usage, one (1) engineer at a ten (10) hour day-rate, and royalty fee.

Archival: $2,800
Non-Commercial: $3,200
Commercial: $4,150

Prices listed below include the cost of video control room, audio room, one (1) audio engineer at a ten (10) hour day-rate, one (1) video engineer at a ten (10) hour day rate, and royalty fee.

NOTE: The cost of a second video engineer (V2) at a ten (10) hour day-rate will be an additional $600. Use of Video Control Room and Engineer(s) beyond ten (10) hours will be subject to an additional charge of $500 per hour.

Archival (includes one camera): $6,450
Non-Commercial(includes three cameras): $8,600
Commercial(includes six cameras) : $12,000

Video Control Room (Commercial)

  • Includes six Sony BRCX1000 robotic cameras, recording, switching, camera operation, graphics production and playback (a full list of equipment is available).
  • Pricing includes one Video Engineer (V1) for basic camera operation, switching of cameras, graphics, and recording. Additional crew at the expense of the client. Symphony Hall production staff can book additional crew as needed.

Video Control Room (Non-Commercial)

  • Includes three Sony BRCX1000 robotic cameras, recording, switching, and camera operation.

Video Control Room (Archival)

  • Includes one Sony BRCX1000 robotic camera, recording, and camera operation.

Additional Services and Overtime

  • Additional camera Canon C100 Mark II also available for $300/day (no operator). Operator can be booked based on client’s production needs.
  • Post production priced at $600/10 hours; half day rates also available.
  • Client is responsible for transmission. Hard drive supplied by the client for recordings.