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Access to Symphony Hall

The BSO is committed to providing access to Symphony Hall for everyone. All patron access needs will be accommodated.

Ticketing Assistance

Please call 617-638-9431 (or toll-free at 888-266-1492, ext. 9431) or email if you need accommodations and would like to purchase BSO or Boston Pops tickets, or if you need more information about accessibility services at Symphony Hall.

Arrival At Symphony Hall

For our guests needing accommodations, we recommend arriving at the Cohen Wing entrance located at the front of Symphony Hall (251 Huntington Avenue), where there is a curb cut for wheelchairs and drop-off. Our trained usher staff will be able to assist as needed with entering the hall and finding your seat location.


On-street parking for patrons with disabilities is available on a first-come, first-served basis on St. Stephen Street near the Stage Door and on Huntington Avenue near the Cohen Wing. There is also space on Huntington Avenue near the Cohen Wing entrance reserved for drop-off and pick-up only.

Area parking garages offer spaces for patrons with disabilities; please contact individual garages for their specific accessible parking options.

Assistive Listening Devices

FM assistive listening devices are available free of charge; we offer both headsets and multi-channel receivers for Phonic Ear™. Please let an usher know if you need a device when entering the hall. Patrons are also welcome to use their own headset and receiver by setting their devices to the FM frequencies on 74.725 MHZ (channel #35) or 75.225 MHZ (channel #37).

Also available is an inductive hearing loop for patrons in the first and second balconies in the hall; these are accessible with any hearing aid or listening device equipped with a Telecoil.

Accessible Seating

You may purchase tickets for a wheelchair and a companion seat on the orchestra floor in rows Q, X, and W (as needed). By selecting a wheelchair location seat, your seat will always be removed to accommodate your wheelchair. These seats are available at every price level. Symphony Hall can also accommodate the access needs of patrons not in wheelchairs.

Braille Programs

Braille programs are available by advance request only. To request a Braille program, contact us at 617-638-9431 or at least one week in advance of the concert date.

Note: Outside presenters (non-BSO, non-Pops) are not required to provide Braille programs, inquiries about the availability of Braille programs should be directed to the concert promoter.

Drinking Fountains and Beverage Services

Accessible water fountains are located by the restrooms at the Cohen Wing entrance and on the orchestra level on both sides of the hall, as well as the left side of the first balcony. Beverage service counters are in the O'Block-Kay Room on the orchestra level. Patrons who require assistance should notify an usher.


The elevator in the Cohen Wing brings patrons to all levels of Symphony Hall. The glass elevator on the Massachusetts Avenue side of the hall reaches the first and second balconies. A wheelchair-accessible ramp connects the Cohen Wing to the orchestra level.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Designated Symphony Hall ushers and security personnel have been trained in proper procedures for emergency situations. These staff members will have the primary duty of assisting patrons with disabilities to specific locations.

Large-Print Programs

Large-print programs are available for every BSO concert from the ushers at the Massachusetts Avenue entrance.

Note: Large-print programs may be available from some outside (non-BSO, non-Pops) concert promoters, but must be requested two weeks in advance if possible.

Nursing Parent’s Room

The Nursing Parent’s Room is located in room S216 on the first balcony level on the Massachusetts Avenue side of the building.


All restrooms in Symphony Hall are accessible. There is also a gender neutral restroom on the first balcony level, near the Beranek Room.

Service Animals

Service animals only are welcomed in Symphony Hall. Patrons bringing their service animal to a concert should inform a representative when purchasing tickets at the Subscription Office (617-266-7575) or Ticketing and Customer Service (617-266-1200).


Wheelchairs are available upon request at the Cohen Wing entrance for patrons who need assistance getting to their seats. A staff member or an usher will assist you.