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Days in the Arts (DARTS)

Since 1968, the BSO has offered Days in the Arts (DARTS), a summer arts immersion program for middle-school youth, at its summer home in the Berkshires. Thousands of students from communities around Massachusetts have experienced the transformational power of the arts through DARTS. Led by professional artist-educators, this summer program focuses on building self-confidence and leadership skills, encouraging creative risk taking, and supporting youth voices in and through the arts. A residential program through 2019, DARTS was re-imagined in 2022 as a day program in two locations: Tanglewood, serving youth in the Berkshires, and Boston, serving Boston Public School students.
Students for fine arts sketch in the grass, one student measures a length of an object with his pen

DARTS in the Berkshires:
June 24–28, 2024

DARTS in Boston:
July 15–19 and July 22–26, 2024