BSO Building Maps and Seating Charts

Download Building Maps & Seating Charts
Get your bearings on where you are, download building maps of Symphony Hall and the Cohen Wing, as well as seating charts for BSO performances.

Symphony Hall Building Maps and Seating Charts

Download the Building Map of Symphony Hall (PDF)
View a detailed map of Symphony Hall that includes the location of the Box Office, conference rooms, restrooms, coat checks, and the Symphony Shop.

Download the BSO Symphony Hall Seating Chart (PDF)
View a Seating Chart diagram that illustrates the breakdown of sections for a Symphony Hall performance, not including Boston Pops performances. 

Tanglewood Building Maps and Seating Charts

Download the 2021 Tanglewood Campus Map (PDF)
View a map of the Tanglewood Grounds for 2021, including buildings that are currently closed.

Download the 2021 Koussevitzky Music Shed Seating Chart (PDF)
The Koussevitzky Music Shed has been redesigned for safety and distancing for the 2021 season. You will find that every other row has been blocked off. Specific seating within the rows has been designed in groupings of 1, 2, 3, and 4 seats. The groupings may vary from concert to concert.

Download the Koussevitzky Shed Seating Chart (PDF)
Please Note: this map does not show what sections or seats may be blocked off for social distancing requirements.