Renew Your Subscription

Andris Nelsons leads fourteen subscription programs in 2019-20

Renew Subscription 

If you are planning to renew your BSO Subscription online, please consider taking a moment to read some notes we have produced which will get you acquainted with conventions and elements of the BSO website that will make your online experience more seamless.

Download Subscription Brochure (PDF) 

If you are looking to purchase a Choose Your Own series for the 2019-20 BSO season please click here.

Download Renewal Instructions (PDF)

Troubleshooting Your Renewal
There may be situations where you are unable to complete your renewal.  Below are the common issues that arise when attempting to renew online.

  1. Logging in to your account.
  2. Some patrons will have trouble logging into their account.  This could be a result of never conducting business online with the Boston Symphony, Boston Pops, Tanglewood or Symphony Hall, or simply we do not have an email address for you on-file in your account..  If you are one of these patrons, please contact SymphonyCharge, so that they can activate your account for online use.  (See contact information below.) 
    Please do not register a new account, as it will not be associated with your renewal.
  3. Some patrons have conducted business online with the Boston Symphony, Boston Pops, Tanglewood or Symphony Hall, however, we may have multiple accounts in our ticketing system for you.  As a result, when you attempt to log in, the system may not know which account to access.  If you cannot log in despite knowing you have an account, please contact SymphonyCharge so that they can de-duplicate your accounts for you.  (See contact information below.) 
  4. Some patrons may not know their account password.  If you do not know your account password, then please use the Forgot Password link  ( on the Account Log On page.  If you receive an error saying that the system cannot reset your password, then you likely have multiple accounts in our system using the same email address.  Please refer to bullet point B above. 
  • Not seeing your subscription renewal in your Purchase History.
    Typically the reason why you cannot see your renewal order in your Purchase History is because you have logged into an account, which does not contain the renewal order.  Please verify the information that we have sent to you.  If the information is correct or if you are unsure, please contact SymphonyCharge so that they can verify your account information.  

Contact Information for assistance in logging in to your account:
If you any problems or have questions, we recommend you call SymphonyCharge for assistance.  You can contact SymphonyCharge at 888-266-1200 (Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Sat 12:30pm-4:30pm).