Pre-concert Meal Options (POPS)

BSO Purchase a Pre-Concert Meal Ahead of Time Online for These Pops Performances

Please choose from available dates below to view meal options and prices.

Thursday, December 6, 8PM
Friday, December 7, 4PM
Friday, December 7, 8PM
Saturday, December 8, 11AM
Saturday, December 8, 3PM
Saturday, December 8, 7:30PM
Sunday, December 9, 11AM
Sunday, December 9, 3PM
Sunday, December 9, 7:30PM
Tuesday, December 11, 8PM
Wednesday, December 12, 4PM
Wednesday, December 12, 8PM
Thursday, December 13, 4PM
Thursday, December 13, 8PM
Friday, December 14, 4PM
Friday, December 14, 8PM
Saturday, December 15, 11AM
Saturday, December 15, 3PM
Saturday, December 15, 7:30PM
Sunday, December 16, 11AM
Sunday, December 16, 3PM
Sunday, December 16, 7:30PM
Monday, December 17, 4PM
Monday, December 17, 8PM
Tuesday, December 18, 4:30PM
Tuesday, December 18, 8PM
Wednesday, December 19, 4PM
Wednesday, December 19, 8PM
Thursday, December 20, 4PM
Thursday, December 20, 8PM
Friday, December 21, 4PM
Friday, December 21, 8PM
Saturday, December 22, 11AM
Saturday, December 22, 3PM
Saturday, December 22, 7:30PM
Sunday, December 23, 11AM
Sunday, December 23, 3PM
Sunday, December 23, 7:30PM
Monday, December 24, 11AM
Monday, December 24, 3PM
Saturday, December 29, 3PM
Saturday, December 29, 7:30PM
Sunday, December 30, 3PM
Monday, December 31, 10:15PM


View Pre-Concert Meal Options for BSO Dates



Please choose from available dates below to view meal options and prices.

How to place your order

  • All orders must be placed 72 hours prior to the performance.
  • You can add a meal to your order when you purchase tickets during the check out process, alternatively you can pre-order your meal separately using the links below. 

How to pick up your order

  1. We recommend arriving one hour before concert start time.
  2. Pick up your order in the Cabot-Cahners room bar located on the second floor of Symphony Hall. Please print your confirmation email as proof of purchase and present it to the Cabot-Cahners Room bartender. 
  3. Your meal will be delivered to your pre-reserved table with-in 15 minutes of your arrival.