Frequently Asked Questions

TMC Vocal Performance at night

Applications and Auditions

When is my application due?

Application deadlines vary by program.  To find the deadline for your program, click here.

Where and when are live auditions held?

Auditions for the 2022 TMC will occur via online platforms. No live auditions will be held.

What is the application fee?

$75 for all applicants

Can the application fee be waived?

In fairness to all, application fees cannot be waived.

What are the age limits for attendance at the TMC?

All applicants to the TMC must have completed their secondary school education.  Applicants to the Tanglewood Music Center Vocal Arts Program must be between 20 and 35 years old as of June 22, 2022, and applicants to the Compostition, Conducting, and Library Fellowship programs must be 18 years of age as of June 22, 2022.  No other programs have specific age limits, although it is expected that applicants to the TMC will have advanced musical skills, and therefore most successful applicants will have completed or nearly completed their undergraduate education.

Can international students apply to/attend the TMC?

The TMC welcomes applications from international students, who may either travel to the US for a live audition, or submit a video audition.  If accepted, all international students must attend the TMC on a valid, non-tourist visa.  For those without current, valid visa, the TMC issues I-20 forms that enable students to apply for an M-1 student visa; the application fee is $200 USD, with the cost borne by the student.

To determine your visa status, refer to this.

Is there a program at Tanglewood for talented students that have not yet completed their secondary education?

While the Tanglewood Music Center does not accept applications from students that have not completed their secondary education (high school), the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, which is operated by the Boston University College of Fine Arts in partnership with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, does. Their website is here.

Can my recommendation be submitted directly to the TMC by my reference?

Yes, recommendations can be emailed to or mailed to:

Symphony Hall
C/O Tanglewood Music Center
301 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02115 

Be sure your reference includes your name in the subject of their email.

Attending the TMC

What does it cost to attend the TMC?

All first-year Fellows must pay a $250 registration fee. No further tuition is required to attend the TMC. Housing, breakfast and dinner are provided free of charge.  Fellows are responsible for the cost of travel to and from the festival, the cost of most lunches, and other incidental expenses.  It is recommended that Fellows budget at least $1,000 of their personal funds for the summer.

Where do TMC Fellows live?

Most TMC Fellows reside in the dormitory at Miss Hall's School, which during the year serves as a boarding school for girls and is approximately seven miles from the Tanglewood campus.  You can read more about Miss Hall's School here.

Can I bring a car?

TMC Fellows are encouraged to bring a car.  For those without a car, regular bus service is provided between the Tanglewood campus and the dormitory.

Are there any opportunities for employment or work study through the TMC?

Because of the demanding schedule at the TMC, no such opportunities are available.

Why are those attending the TMC called "Fellows"?

Each student holds a Fellowship supported by donations from generous individuals, groups, businesses and/or foundations.  Each fellowship covers the cost of tuition for one student with room and board included.

Other Questions? Email or call 617-638-9230. Our hours are Monday through Friday 10am-5pm.