Vocal Arts

The TMC will not be accepting applications for the 2022 Vocal Arts Program.

TMC Voice Fellow Olivia Cosio and conducting fellow Nathan AspinallUnder the leadership of soprano Dawn Upshaw, it is the mission OF the vocal arts program to offer singers diverse and meaningful projects in the song, chamber, orchestral, and contemporary repertoire.
"The vocal program at the TMC was, and continues to be, the pinnacle of any program I've ever been a part of…I wish I could return every summer for the rest of my life. I aspire to be as generous, giving, and open as each faculty member is at TMC, and I know that the faculty and colleagues-turned-family will remain with me for the rest of my life and career." --2018 Vocal Fellow Katherine Beck

Vocal Fellows participate in song performances from the central canon and beyond, coached by faculty members such as Tony Arnold, Stephanie Blythe, Margo Garrett, Randall Scarlata, Alan Smith, and Dawn Upshaw; vocal chamber music, collaborating with TMC instrumentalists, from both the standard and contemporary repertoire; performances with the TMC Orchestra; an intensive exploration of Bach cantatas, led by composer and Bach specialist John Harbison; projects during the world-renowned Festival of Contemporary Music and throughout the summer, often including world premieres of TMC-commissioned works. The balance of assignments is based on the determination of the faculty during the audition process.

The Vocal Arts Program includes weekly studio classes and master-classes with major artists visiting the Boston Symphony and with resident faculty, rounding out a summer that offers each singer a welcoming space to collaborate and perform at the highest level.

2019 Fellows Robin Steitz (soprano) and Sora Jung (piano) performing Hugo Wolf’s “Kennst du das Land”?