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"The Best Come from Boston”

BSO Stage Manager Harvey Genereux’s Batons

The BSO’s stage manager and baggage master from 1929 till his death in 1962, Harvey Genereux was also an accomplished baton maker. He shaved wooden dowels down into the appropriate heft and length, uniquely crafted to suit the preferences of each baton's recipient. Serge Koussevitzky and Charles Munch were among the conductors who owned a Genereux baton. In the fall of 2021, Harvey Genereux's son, George Genereux, donated memorabilia related to his father's long tenure with the BSO to the BSO Archives, serving as inspiration for this exhibit. Harvey's nephew Matt Genereux also donated a collection of dowels and finished batons to the BSO Archives.

A man sits at a desk holding a wooden towel in process of being made into a baton

Harvey Genereux inspects a wooden dowel in the process of becoming a baton.

Photograph by David Nilsson (News Foto Service).