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The Pretenders, fronted by the iconic Chrissie Hynde, released their 12th studio album, "Relentless," on September 1, 2023 with Parlophone. This album marks a return to Warner Brothers, where their journey began in 1979 with their self-titled debut. Hynde reflects on this full-circle moment with a sense of nostalgia and pride, noting that despite the band's evolving lineup, the essence of the Pretenders remains unchanged.

"Relentless" is a fitting title for the new album, embodying Hynde's unwavering commitment to her craft. The title, inspired by the definition "showing no abatement of intensity," resonates with her relentless pursuit of artistic expression. Over the years, the Pretenders have never chased trends or followed fashions, a testament to Hynde's instinctual and impulsive approach to music.

The album's creation was a collaborative effort, with Hynde and guitarist James Walbourne developing a seamless remote working method during the 2020 lockdown. They recorded the album at Battery Studio in West London, maintaining a structured yet relaxed environment. Producer David Wrench, known for his subtle and supportive approach, helped bring their vision to life.

The album features contributions from notable musicians like Carwyn Ellis, Kris Sonne, Chris Hill, Dave Page, and Jonny Greenwood, creating what Hynde refers to as "The Pretenders Collective." Each member brings a unique energy and talent, enriching the band's sound and dynamic.

"Relentless" showcases a mix of organic, direct performances and well-crafted songs. From the cool vibe of The Copa to the nostalgic A Love, the album captures the band's spirit. The cover art, a poignant graffiti image of a child boxer by artist Solus, symbolizes resilience and youthful defiance.

Hynde's lyrics explore themes of love, escape, and optimism. Tracks like Promise Of Love and Let The Sun Come In reflect her eternal optimism, while In The End I Just Let Go delves into themes of moving forward. The closing song, I Think About You Daily, remains a personal and intimate reflection.

With "Relentless," the Pretenders continue their legacy, proving that their music and message remain as vital and compelling as ever.

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