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March 13, 2024

A Message from Bob Braun, BSAV Chair

Hello, Fellow BSO Volunteers,

As I write this, we are entering the “home stretch” of the Symphony Hall season. There are so many “thank-yous” that need to be given. To all the volunteers who have contributed – the greatly successful tours, the tens of thousands of patrons welcomed by hosts to the Hall, the Social Committee’s creative programs, the exquisite Hall décor, and so many other activities and projects. The BSAV Symphony Hall vice-chair and co-chairs continue to be instrumental in providing leadership and shepherding the organization. During the holiday season, for the Pops “Company Celebration,” the welcome letter included “special thanks to … volunteers.”

On Sunday, February 18, we had the BSAV Concert. At the well-attended reception before the concert, long-term BSO English horn player Rob Sheena described how the orchestra members are well aware of and appreciative of the contributions volunteers make. The concert featured Yunchan Lim’s BSO debut playing Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 3. After rousing applause, he treated us to an encore, Études by Chopin. At Erin Asbury’s direction, the program book for the concert included a description of BSAV activities, listed Symphony Hall volunteers, BSAV leadership and Hessie Sargent award recipients.

In January, a significant announcement was made about the BSAV Volunteer Emeritus program, affecting both Boston and Tanglewood populations. You can read more about it in an article by Nancy Finn in this Quarter Notes. Enhancements to the program include complimentary tickets to a select number of performances, and suspension of the requirement to donate at the “Friends of Tanglewood” level. I encourage you to read Nancy’s article and consider if this enhanced program meets your interests. Should you have questions about the Emeritus program, Tanglewood folks can contact Art Blumenthal and Symphony Hall folks can contact Beverly Pieper.

In some behind-the-scenes activities, your Executive Committee has been reviewing and updating both the Project Lead position descriptions and, starting with Tanglewood, the volunteer project descriptions. Our efforts are geared to assuring all these descriptions accurately reflect what we all do to support the BSO, and the responsibilities we share. As this effort gets completed you will receive the updated descriptions related to your volunteer activity and they will also be included on the portal.

Before you know it, summer will be here. The Tanglewood schedule was announced February 1, and as usual, there are a range of programs to satisfy any music lovers' interests. Very soon we’ll be announcing the date of our “Welcome Back,” named concert, and other events.

I recently had a chance to spend a few minutes with Chad Smith, Eunice and Julian Cohen BSO President and CEO. Erin Asbury had previously reviewed the BSAV in its entirety with Chad. He is interested and enthusiastic about what we do as volunteers.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at Symphony Hall and Tanglewood.

Bob Braun
BSAV, Chair