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BSO, Pops, Tanglewood, and Symphony Hall Logos
March 15, 2024

BSAV Executive Committee Meeting Highlights

By Lisa Mafrici, BSAV Secretary

BSAV Executive Committee Meeting - February 28, 2024

  • Ticket sales for the Symphony season are 4.1% ahead of goal, with 115,000 tickets sold this season to date.
  • The BSO is embarking on a new strategic planning process and will be selecting a consulting firm soon. It will be a 12 to 18-month process, with the resulting goal of a 10-year strategic plan for the organization.
  • Blandine Van de Velde, Director of Individual Giving, presented the following Annual Fund Updates:
    • We have raised over $10 million for the Annual Fund to date, towards the goal of $15 million.
    • In terms of donations from the BSAV: in FY23, 446 volunteers contributed $487,000, and in FY24 so far, 212 volunteers contributed $345,000.
    • As ambassadors for the BSO, we are asked to thank anyone we know who has contributed, and to encourage people to continue to give.
  • Three new projects have been added to the BSAV roster of projects in response to the needs of the BSO: Music Library (Boston), Thank-You Calls (Boston), and Group Sales Hosts (Tanglewood).
  • A new gate entry procedure for Tanglewood has been approved by staff and volunteer leadership which will help streamline the process of volunteer entry at Tanglewood utilizing the student gate. We are also hoping to have an ipad sign in at that location.
  • We are hoping to use quizlet as a learning tool to help volunteers learn the essentials of Tanglewood and frequently asked questions.
  • More than 40 Symphony Hall tours have been conducted by Tour Guide volunteers from Sept 2023-2024 (including Walk-up, Saturday evening pre-concert, and private tours including school groups). There were approximately 700 participants in the tours thus far.
  • At Tanglewood, plans are in the works for exhibits to mark Koussevitzky’s 150th year anniversary of his birth and the 100th anniversary of his appointment as leader of the BSO, as well as planning tributes to Seiji Ozawa and his legacy.

BSAV Executive Committee Meeting - November 30, 2023

  • The BSO exceeded both the sales and fundraising goals for Tanglewood for the summer of 2023.
  • Eric Krauss has been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer.
  • Ed Gazouleas has been appointed as the Director of Tanglewood Music Center.
  • The BSAV Survey revealed that Project Job Descriptions need to be reviewed and updated to ensure that all volunteers are clear on their roles and responsibilities.
  • The new Social Engagement Committee in Boston has started to meet monthly to plan events (e.g. visits to the MFA) to help volunteers get to know each other and build community among the membership.
  • A new Tanglewood FAQ sheet, accompanied by a visual guide, is being created to help Tanglewood volunteers navigate around the campus.
  • Jesse Needleman, Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Communications, shared a slide presentation of the BSO’s rebranding efforts over the last 3 years. The brand colors, icons, and fonts were all updated for each of the 4 brand logos (BSO, Boston Pops, Tanglewood, Symphony Hall) harkening to tradition while bringing in modernity. The goal was to refresh the 4 brands, while making them more cohesive. There have been only 2 logo changes in the 140+ year history of the BSO, so the hope is that this brand strategy will be long-lasting.