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March 13, 2024

Community Concerts - Haitian Community Center

By Cassandra Gordon

Community Concert held January 28, 2024

On a rain-soaking Sunday afternoon, I headed for the Haitian Community Center in Everett to hear a magnificent performance by a quartet comprised of BSO members. The EHCC is the center of social, cultural and community services for the Haitian community here and in New England. It is an organization which assists the resident Haitian community as well as new immigrants, addressing all the issues with coming to a new country.

Our hostess for the event was the Reverend Myralande DesRosiers, the founder of the center and its spiritual and spirited founder, charming as she flew among the crowd in 3-inch heels. In attendance also was the mayor of Everett, City council members and around 90 eager listeners. The superb concert, featured Glen Cherry (Violin 1), Sophie Wang (Violin 2), Mary Ferillo (viola) and Will Chow (cello). What an honor as a BSAV member to welcome guests and to share music by Shostakovich and Mendelssohn with audiences beyond our regular symphony subscribers. Even more amazing were about 30 children who were transfixed with the music and performance, not a one fussing!

Part of my wonderful experience was to chat with people at the food reception. I made my way to a group where a family sat, a father and his 3 young daughters, the Saintmartin family. If memory serves, the girls were 7, 9, and 11, and they all play string instruments, as well as dad who is a pianist! I also chatted with three young men in their twenties, one a composer, another a musician, and the last a very articulate lover of music. I also found out that our BSO Marketing team is doing a great job, reaching out as I talked with two women who heard about the community concert in a publication on the North Shore!

Hearing the BSO quartet, the beautiful French language, and feasting at the exquisite buffet just turned another gloomy winter Boston day to one of sunshine!