Gifts Through your Estate

Remember the BSO in your Will
A simple, powerful gift

One of the simplest ways to remember the BSO in your estate plans is through your will. You can use the following sample language if you intend to designate your bequest to the BSO's general purpose:

"I give and devise (___________________________), without reduction for any tax occasioned by my death, to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, a Massachusetts charitable corporation located at Symphony Hall in Boston, Massachusetts (the "BSO"), to be used or disposed of as the BSO in its sole discretion deems appropriate."

A bequest of this kind will allow the BSO to use your gift in the area in which it is most needed.

You may also designate your gift to a specific program or purpose; the BSO requests that you discuss your intentions with the planned giving staff to ensure that your preference can be accommodated. Contact for more information.

Tax identification Number

The BSO's Tax identification (501(c(3)) Number is 04-2103550.



Retirement Plan Assets
A cost-effective gift

Assets remaining in retirement plans at your death funded with pre-tax dollars are considered "income in respect of a decedent." Not only are your assets diminished by estate taxes, your heirs must also pay income taxes on them. If you can make other provisions for your family, there is a better option for your retirement plan assets - a charitable gift. Contact the Office of Planned Giving at for more details.


  • Avoid all income and estate taxes when you name the Boston Symphony Orchestra as the primary beneficiary.
  • You can continue to withdraw from the retirement plan during your lifetime.



Life Insurance
A versatile asset
If you own life insurance policies that you no longer need, a gift of life insurance to the Boston Symphony Orchestra could be a sensible, as well as generous, course of action.

If you make the BSO owner of the policy, you will normally receive an income tax deduction for the policy's fair market value or cost basis, if lower, on the date of the gift. If you name the BSO beneficiary of the policy (and retain ownership), you will receive an estate tax deduction for the insurance proceeds. Contact the Office of Planned Giving at for more details.

  • Name the Boston Symphony Orchestra as owner
  • Receive a charitable deduction when you name the BSO beneficiary and assign it ownership.
  • Reduce your estate taxes because proceeds are removed from your estate.

  • Name the Boston Symphony Orchestra beneficiary
  • Obtain flexibility by naming the BSO as beneficiary while still maintaining your ownership.
  • Name the BSO as contingent beneficiary and secure your family's needs first.



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