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Panel Discussion: The Right to "Remain" Silent vs the Right to Fully Express

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Hall, Boston, MA

David Sterling Brown, panelist
Anthony Davis, panelist
Terrell Donnell Sledge, panelist
Keith Hamilton Cobb, panelist
David C. Howse, panelist
Robert Manning, Jr., panelist

A Private Conversation in Public

The Right to "Remain" Silent vs the Right to Fully Express

Six Black men, all creative professionals, discuss amongst themselves a question: What expression, however pressing, however relevant, do we make public, and what are we liable to encounter as a consequence? Relating to the BSO’s performances of Anthony Davis’s You Have the Right to Remain Silent, panelists include the Pulitzer Prize Winner Composer Anthony Davis, Shakespeare and critical race studies scholar David Sterling Brown, Ph.D.; actor and community arts advocate Terrell Donnell Sledge; Emmy nominated actor Keith Hamilton Cobb; a recognized leader in the Boston arts and theatre scene, David C. Howse; and NAACP Theatre Award winner Robert Manning, Jr. We invite the BSO audience to be present and to listen to them as they discuss the nuance between public expression and consequences as it pertains to racial injustice: The Right to "Remain" Silent vs. The Right to Fully Express.

Performance Details

Mar 11, 2023, 5:30pm EST

Getting Here

A view of the empty Symphony Hall, with the stage in the distance

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